Important Notice B+BTEC does not accept any liability for damages because of false applications, insufficient load bearing capacity of the base material, disregard of the Installation Instructions or other data included in the Installation Instructions, failure to perform test procedures after installation, insufficient specification of the installation, the use of anchor rods without steel certificate or other disavantageous factors unknown to the manufacturer and not adhering to the following additional disclaimer notices:

  1. Prior to installing B+BTEC Anchors verify the concrete quality in which the installation is scheduled.
  2. Verify that the B+BTEC Anchors will be installed within the rebar configuration.
  3. The information and recommendations are based on average values obtained from tests in concrete under laboratory or other controlled conditions.
  4. When in doubt about the selection of a B+BTEC Anchor Type please contact aB+BTEC specialist.
  5. When the B+BTEC Anchor installation is subjected to dynamic loads contact a B+BTEC specialist for the final specification of the anchor type and the dimensions of the B+BTEC Anchor.
  6. The B+BTEC products must be installed in accordance with B+BTEC Installation Instructions and the B+BTEC Installation Protocol.
  7. The specified B+BTEC Anchors must be tested according the B+BTEC Test-Protocol.
  8. The B+BTEC Test-Protocol must be part of the construction specifications and filed for future evaluation.
  9. When installing rebar dowels or threaded rods using BIS (Injection Products) verify a 100% filling of the gap between drilled hole and rebar and each dowel or rod has to be tested according the BIS Test-Protocol.

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